People Moving & Handling


This course is for individuals working in the Healthcare and Homecare Industry and aims to provide the theory and practice of safe patient moving & handling.


It has of two main components, theoretical considerations and practical applications.  The theoretical section involves introducing the issue of manual handling and the corresponding problem of back injuries in the workplace, legislation in this regard, following up with an explanation of safe handling practices.  The most up to date information on patient risk assessment and considerations in terms of manual handling completes the theory section. Inanimate exercises and people handling scenarios are explained, demonstrated and practiced with course records compiled during each course. Tasks include moving inanimate objects, pushing and pulling, standing and sitting the patient, walking the patient, rolling/moving the patient in a bed, sitting to sitting transfers, repositioning the patient in a chair and assisting the fallen patient.

 Course Duration – 7 Hours

 Course Cost - €100.00